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Indoor Air Quality Pros in CT and NY


IndoorIf you're looking to provide your family with great indoor air quality in your CT and NY home, speak with the air quality experts at 20/20 Air. With fast and on-time service, we can help improve your current indoor air quality and help you increase the comfort level for your entire family, especially those with breathing ailments or allergies. 20/20 Air’s air-quality experts can perform an assessment of your home’s current indoor air quality and offer the right solution to suit your needs.  


1: Cleaner Air for Your Home and Family

LampsThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) identifies poor indoor air quality as a significant public health risk. In some cases, the air quality inside the home was actually shown to be lower than the air outside.  People with allergies, breathing difficulties or the elderly and young infants with lower immune systems may benefit from improved air quality. Aggravated symptoms include; dry, itchy or watery eyes, coughing or dry throat, nausea, headaches, sneezing or nasal irritation. With a professional assessment of your indoor air quality by 20/20 Air, we can help you with the right air quality solution for you. 


2: Hepa Air Filters

A High Energy Particulate Filter (HEPA) can remove 99.7% of all airborne particles in the home including pollen and dust mite feces (see system specs for further details). This can help maintain a comfortable level of air-quality for your home and entire family.


3: Germicidal UV Lamps

Germicidal UV Lamps are already used as standard in US hospitals and health facilities to sterilize and kill airborne particles which potentially spread disease. They also eradicate mold and other germs. This cutting-edge technology is now available for application in your home. 20/20 Air have the expertise and experience to expertly install these lamps and help you provide further protection for your family.


4: System Upgrades

20/20 Air can appraise your current heating and air conditioning systems and expertly install an air-quality upgrades so you can start enjoying cleaner air.


5: Satisfaction Guaranteed Service

We pride ourselves on providing the level of service you want and deserve.


6: Reliable & Friendly Service

We employ a team of friendly, well presented technicians who will be punctual and who take the time to answer your questions and explain any work they are performing. 


7: Clean and Tidy

Our technicians will ensure the work area is kept clean and tidy by using work area mats and will wear shoe covers whilst in your home.  They'll even clean up before they leave, because you shouldn't have to.


To improve the air quality in your home across CT and NY call and speak with the air quality professionals at 20/20 Air today.

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